Who is MoDI Clothing?

MoDI is a small, Scottish company run by me, Nick. I draw the designs, print the clothing and deliver the packages. 

The company name comes from Norse mythology, MoDI was one of Thor's sons. MoDI means courage and bravery. I love Norse mythology and I wanted a company name with meaning. 

I came up with the tag line "We Draw Your Story" because I want to do my best to tell your story through a unique MoDI character. 

I started with 6 hand drawn original characters. These characters are based on real people who have influenced my life. I then began drawing unique custom characters for customers. Each design is tailored to you and you are part of the process from start to finish. 

MoDI Clothing has been going from strength to strength. I have drawn over 100 custom characters. I have also provided large orders for Scottish Universities, The British Wakeboard Cable Development Academy and charity events.